You are worth your weight in gold. I have never had such comprehensive, understandable and insightful comments on anything I've written as I had from your comments.

-Gail Marshall O'Brien

I contacted Ms. Catherine Rankovic when I wanted to upload my book to Amazon. Not a technical person, I needed editorial and formatting help. Catherine was a tremendous support with her attention detail, timing, and knowledge of the upload process. I would not have managed this huge task without her expertise. Catherine was timely in her responses and edits and demonstrated patience with my questions. I recommend her to anyone seeking editorial work. Catherine is also reasonable in her pricing and efficient with her time. I am thrilled with the results.

-Kaye Linden, author of 35 Tips for Writing a Brilliant Flash Story

I wanted the best and I received much more. Thank you for your thorough and helpful February 17 evaluation. You are gifted with writerly skills and sound advice.

-Shirley Anderson

Last year I spent almost $12,000 on a series of editors who turned out to be completely hopeless, lazy, or otherwise incompetent. I'm a working writer and $12K is a dear sum but I will pay a fair price for good work. Two of those editors were retired line-editors from major newspapers, so they seemed, on the outside anyway, to be up for the job and Catherine's price was roughly half of what they charged before I fired them. They failed to understand that an editor's job is more than just fixing mistakes in the text. The editor has to "get it," understand what the writer is trying to accomplish and say. The editors must respect our integrity as writers and Catherine does that.

I am hyper-protective of my work and perhaps at times a bit oversensitive when it comes to my craft, but I can't say enough good things about Catherine and BookEval.

-John W. Tuohy, author of The Chicago Mob: A History, and The Life and World of Al Capone and No Time to Say Goodbye: A Memoir of Life in Foster Care

I highly recommend Catherine Rankovic and would not consider anyone else to look at my work.  She has proven her value one hundred times over.  Her rates are reasonable compared to what I've seen in the industry.  I look forward to continuing a long, productive relationship with Catherine as I have grand plans to keep writing "stories that need to be told."

-Susan Berardi, playwright, The Violinist

Catherine, thank you so much for your input and guidance. Making it something anyone else but me (and my parents!!) wants to read is hard and I was utterly in the dark as to where to go. I got a little guidance from a lit agent who asked to read it, but that was about it and it was very little. Thank you for being that lantern in the dark.

-Scott Thomas

I just heard from PlainView. They want to publish the book! Thank you so much for the lead. This wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for your giving me the heads up. Mil gracias.

-Angie O'Gorman, novelist, The Book of Sins

I cannot put this manuscript down! It is awesome. Overdue thanks to great editorial work by Catherine Rankovic. Thank you so much, you get the first copy!

-Memory Bengesa, author of Born Again Afresh

Did I ever tell you that you are the best?? Thank you so much. You made such a impact on it.

-Fari Chirima, author of Through the Eyes of an African Immigrant

Catherine Rankovic is the best of several editors whose work I know. She is versatile, capable of handling everyting from short stories to complex manuscripts; responsive to each author's main objectives as well as the subtleties of the text; disciplined in organizing her time and meeting deadlines; technically skillful in working through light or heavy editing assignments, totally professional.

-Warren Bryan Martin, novelist, The Colors of Conscience

Working with Catherine, I have completed my fourth book of poetry Rails and Ties and a chapbook, Bodies in the Creek. While working with her, I have had success in getting my poems winning in contests and being published. She is the consummate partner for any writer who wants to move ahead in his/her craft. I am grateful to her each and every time we meet to go over my most recent work.

-Maurice Hirsch, poet, author of Rails and Ties

from more clients and workshop participants...

There are no accidents! Finding you was just what my book needed.

-Sue Mayfield Geiger, author of Gibbons Street

Good news: my poems "Underneath the Apple Tree and "Knots Unwind" were accepted for publication in Circa: A Literary Review. Catherine, thank you so much for all of your help. I feel that class really elevated my poetry writing to the next level.

-Janna Vought

Thanks for the years of advice and support.

-John S. McFarland, novelist, The Black Garden

When I received a book deal, [Catherine] was the first one I called for a review of the contract. Her advice was based on professional wisdom and knowledge of the industry. Everything we discussed was given serious consideration by the publisher and many changes were made. In the end, I have a much better contract that provides for more author protections and benefits than I could have ever figured out on my own. I highly recommend her as a coach and advisor to anyone making a career move in the writing field.

-Janet Zenke Edwards, author of Diana of the Dunes: The True Story of Alice Gray

I've told people that I feel like a teenage guitar player who is getting private lessons from George Harrison. I realize how fortunate I am!

-Patty Wirth

I am going to be published! I wanted to share this news with you because you have been instrumental in encouraging me to expand my writing horizons.

-Kathy Lasater

I want to thank you so much for your wonderful inspiration, your excellent critique, and your supportive comments.

-J. Adam Keith

I won honorable mention in a poetry contest! I would like to thank my mother, my father, my creative writing teacher Catherine Rankovic, and my best friend.

-Layne Simpson

Thanks for the evaluation, which I found very kind, insightful, and objective. I sincerely appreciate your comments.

-Asif Waziri

I promise to write every day, more than ten minutes, which is the first time I've made such a promise in the 48 years of my life. No more whining about "wanting to write" or wishing or any of that. You've helped me turn on the faucet and I'm going to try to keep it running.

-Leslie Weinstein

I'm excited to see the economy that your investment brings to my little book. . . Thanks to you the book may have a tiny bit in common with Chanel's simple style!

-Robin VerHage-Abrams, author of Chanel Simple (in press)

With [Catherine's] guidance, I was able to completely restructure and revise an essay that was then nominated for the WEP Intro Journal Awards.

-Beth Mead, Director, M.F.A. program, Lindenwood University

I've come to writing late and I'm a slow learner, so teachers who take my work seriously and take the time to criticize seriously are important. Thanks for your toughness and encouragement.

-Sharon P.

Thanks! Your class has been just the informative kick-in-the-pants that I've needed. I'm glad you had us submit things; I tend to sit on them for ages, when what I need to do is revise as far as I can, do some market research, and then let go.

-Kathleen Kayembe

Before your class, I was not familiar at all with going through a major revision process on my poetry, or how beneficial it would be to do so. I had only made a few minor changes, but never a complete overhaul as we are practicing in your class. . . I can now see why all my work always felt unfinished to me. Therefore, learning this revision process has been extremely helpful.

-Jane Cushman

I sincerely appreciate your critique of my historical fiction work, Keeper of Coin. I am pleased that you thought my main character seemed real and sympathetic...Your critical comments were invaluable, particularly your advice about keeping action in the novel. I will keep your suggestions in front of me as I continue to edit the manuscript.

-Mary Kay Tuberty

You are still the teacher who taught me the most about what it means to be a good writer.

-Tim Bryant

Before your class, I had very little confidence in my writing -- I'm hoping that the courage I gained through participating in your class will continue to help me in future classes and to develop even further as a writer than I had ever imagined I could.

-Melanie Smigielski

Thank you for your timely and prompt work. I appreciate how you were able to get into the manuscript and then do all the editing so quickly!

-Bonney Patterson, author of Hunted in the Heartland: A Memoir of Murder, and The Angels Came to Town and the Devil Followed

from organizations...

Again, thank you for being our Keynote Speaker and Presenter. We are very grateful for your expertise.

-Claire Applewhite, President, Missouri Writers Guild, author of The Wrong Side of Memphis, Crazy for You, St. Louis Hustle, and Tennessee Plates

Thank you so much for your time and wonderful presentation to the Writing for Publication class at Lifelong Learning Institute. You gave us so much helpful information and a firm footing for proceeding.

-Karen Sterbenz, Lifelong Learning Institute, Washington University

Catherine: Your reading was a show-stopper. Could you hear the intensity of people listening? Or the the enthusiasm of the applause after?

-Tim Leach, Words on Purpose

All roads lead to Catherine.

-Mary Troy, director, M.F.A. in Creative Writing program, University of Missouri-St. Louis, author of Joe Baker is Dead, The Alibi Café, and Beauties

As model essays I use several examples from The Missouri Review's archives. . . 'I Want You, I Need You, I Love You' by Catherine Rankovic is a lesson in how to describe the nearly impossible: Elvis's phrasing and singing voice.

-Kris Somerville, University of Missouri-Columbia

I think you are one of the best essayists writing in America today.

-Kathleen Finneran, author of The Tender Land

I work with Chef Dave at Lift for Life. He is taking a poetry class right now and he went to your reading last week. He asked me if I know you. He said when you finished your reading he had to blink and remind himself he was still in the room. Apparently, your reading completely transported him elsewhere. Even the next day he was talking about it!

-Denise P. Bogard, Writing Specialist at Lift for Life Academy Middle and High School

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your book. I've read it cover to cover about four times now. And I keep reading it out loud to people.

-Jennifer MacNair

Catherine Rankovic is not a poet of the sweet-words-and-tender-emotions school, nor is she one to take "poetic license" if that means exaggerating, embellishing or distorting the truth. No, she wields words like filet blades: a few swift cuts and the heart lies exposed, glistening with traces of blood.

-St. Louis Magazine

I was hoping someone could give me Catherine's email; I wanted to tell her I stayed up last night and read her book and thought it was just great.

-Matt Freeman, poet, author of Desolation on Delmar and Darkness Never Far, and editor of Flood Stage: An Anthology of St. Louis Poets.

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