Editing and Author Support

BookEval.com provides:

  • manuscript evaluations, prompt and professional
  • helpful feedback
  • copyediting/proofreading
  • editing for style, also called “line editing”*
  • query letters and cover letters
  • synopses, author bios, jacket copy
  • advice on copyright and book contracts

Publishers want manuscripts ready to print. If yours isn’t, they’ll say “Have it professionally edited.”

An editor helps refine your manuscript while maintaining its integrity, and protects you from exploitation or negative reviews.

*How many times does the word “just” appear in your manuscript? A 300-page manuscript, on average, uses it 350 times, and while the writers might not notice, readers will. Your professional reader catches and fixes such issues before they affect your reputation.

“A book is judged by how well it is edited, and nothing else.” –Will Bowen, bestselling author of A Complaint-Free World

To have an experienced professional assist and guide you...

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Fee for editing or copyediting completed prose manuscripts:

.03 per word of the original manuscript includes feedback, line or style editing, copyediting, and classic formatting of MS Word body text. First-time authors are urged to order the package of all four services. For copyediting alone, the same .03-per-word fee applies.

Estimates on completed manuscripts are free.

Estimates cannot be done on manuscripts unseen or incomplete; for those, expect to pay the hourly rate.

Fee for all by-the-hour services, individual or bundled, including: evaluations/critiques; mentoring or completing works in progress; composing cover letters and queries, jacket copy, or author bios; proofreading PDFs; Zoom-type meetings, phone calls, and other author support:

$90.00 per hour. Catherine keeps and sends clients a digital timesheet of all hours worked.

For fact-checking, for ESL authors, and special services such as transferring text to MS Word from other platforms, or for hard-copy manuscripts:

$90.00 per hour.

For Gregg shorthand transcription:

Please email Catherine describing your project.

BookEval’s services are tax-deductible for publishers and for writers classified as taxable entities. Payment may be made

  • through PayPal, which also accepts credit cards
  • by checks made out to BookEval.com, LLC

E-mails are BookEval’s preferred mode of communication.

Catherine will focus on your work and what you have asked for. Her honest feedback anticipates what publishers and agents might tell you. She works for them and knows what they value.

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