Nov 21

Self-Publishing: Six Things You Really Need

Self-publishing? That is great news. Of course you want a professional-looking book you are proud to give or sell, and that others will take seriously. Below are the absolute must-haves that you will have to pay for if you want your book to be successful and stocked in libraries, bookstores, gift shops, and other places. These are investments in your book--and I guarantee you will not be sorry. If your self publisher offers these things ala carte, BUY the following:

1.An ISBN number. Without this unique number on your book, bookstores can't order your book and Amazon can't sell it. Cost about $100. If you choose a self-publishing company this cost is often included in the price. ISBN stands for "International Standard Book Number." You can see ISBNs on other books; they're beneath the bar code on the back cover. The bar code comes with the ISBN.

Mar 18

Four Self-Publishers to Avoid

The biggest self-publishing concerns, those most advertised on the Net, are precisely those that new authors should avoid. They exploit over-eager authors who sign contracts without reading the fine print and find out later that they might have signed away the rights to their work -- forever. Don't be so eager to see your own book in print. Make sure you're not getting the shaft. It's your book and your money and you have rights. Check everything out. Read reviews. Call their references. Believe what other authors who've published with them say. Have an editor review the contract before you sign it. Just for the record, avoid:

West Bow Press
Author House