Sep 18

"Publicity is King"

"In the end, publicity is king. Everything else is just smoke and mirrors. If selected as a Tate author, you'll enjoy extremely reduced rates with Key Marketing. Key is a top NY Times level publicity firm and you'll be at the very highest level of traditional publishing! Key Marketing will book your personal appearances, book signings, and media spots.

"Tate Publishing does not charge a fee for publishing and absorbs all the cost of production and distribution of a book (nearly $30,000 per title). However, we do require any author who signs with us to have full-time professional book marketing and publicist representation. You are simply required to pay a refundable retainer for this publicist. The retainer will be refunded to the author at the sale of the 1,000th copy of the book sold in distribution.  All of that information will be explained to you thoroughly if in fact your book is accepted for publication.

Key Marketing's Gold package: $5,500 for 3 months of national publicity. $20,000-$25,000 for one year's publicity; contract is renewable each year. Key's Silver Package: $4,170 for six weeks of regional publicity. Key's Bronze Package: $3,300 for one month of local publicity.

Sound yummy? Ready to sign? Maybe you don't know:
  • Tate accepts most books for publication.
  • No business can "absorb" $30K of expense without expecting a return; or it wouldn't be in business long, would it?
  • Key Marketing is an arm of Tate Publishing, located in Mustang, Oklahoma.
  • Key Marketing has four employees.
  • Tate will not itemize for you what their "$30K" expenses are.
  • Tate makes you buy all your own books for handselling and prices them high, such as $23.99 for a paperback.
  • It is next to impossible to sell 1,000 copies of a book by a first-timer through distribution. Even 250 is pretty much unattainable.
  • If you hire your own publicist instead of using Key Marketing, Tate won't publish your book.
  • You can book your own appearances and book signings for nothing.
  • Money should flow TOWARD the writer, not AWAY from the writer.
  • Publicity is not king. A really good book is king. Without a really good book, publicity is a waste.
See consumer complaints about Tate here. The website Preditors and Editors does not recommend it.
May 08

The Subsidized Novelist: An Artificial Difficulty Award Winner

A first-time novelist excitedly told me the deal: The big Christian publisher will print and distribute his Christian novel if:

1. The author pays to have it published.
2. The author pays a publicist to promote the book.

So as not to rain on his parade, I didn't say, "That's called subsidy publishing, and it's just like self-publishing except that the publisher owns the rights to your book and you have no creative control over the product."

What I said was, That's okay, I guess.

That'll clear the decks so I can work on my next book! said the author.

I said, You'll be pretty busy marketing that first novel.

He said, The publicist is supposed to do that.

I said, The publicist will arrange some things, but the person the publicist wants appearing at bookstores all over the country and on radio shows and at speaking engagements is you.

He said, Dang! Then why do I have to shell out for a publicist?

I said, Because your publisher said so, I guess.

Behold thee the winner of the April 2008 Artificial Difficulty Award.