Jul 21

Among Friends: Books Published or to Be Published

16 January 2009

Just to show it does happen, a list of recent book publications/acceptances (2008 and early 2009) by local writers I personally know and like:
  • Claire Applewhite, The Wrong Side of Memphis (L&L Dreamspell), novel
  • Mary Ann deGrandpre Kelly, Marlene Miller, Niki Nymark, Marilyn Probe*: Nothing Smaller than Your Elbow (Bluestem), poetry
  • Mary Ruth Donnelly: Weaving the Light (Cherry Pie Press), poetry chapbook
  • Pamela Garvey, Fear (Finishing Line Press), poetry chapbook
  • Colleen McKee* and Amanda Stiebel, Are We Feeling Better Yet? Women Speak About Health Care in America (Penultimate), anthology
  • J. Roger Nelson*, The God Whom Moses Knew (Thomas Nelson), novel
  • Niki Nymark, A Stranger Here Myself (Cherry Pie Press), poetry chapbook
  • Angie O’Gorman*, The Book of Sins (PlainView Press), novel.
  • Catherine Rankovic: Fame: Writers in St. Louis in the 1990s (Penultimate), nonfiction
  • Suzanne Rhodenbaugh, The Whole Shebang (Word Press), poetry
*=formerly my student!

I would LOVE to see in this list next year:

Denise Bogard (novel)
Janet Edwards* (nonfiction)
Rebecca Ellis (poetry)
Matt Freeman (poetry)
Julia Gordon-Bramer (poetry)
Susan Grigsby* (poetry)
Tim Leach (poetry)
Steven Schreiner (poetry)
-- and YOU.
May 08

We're Feeling Much Better, Thanks

Just signed a contract for an essay to appear in Are We Feeling Better Yet?, an anthology of women's essays on the health care system, accepted by PenUltimate Press. The editors had asked, so I told them I had two writer friends -- Cathy Luh and Janet Edwards -- with appropriate and darned good essays in hand. Cathy and I were co-authors on Guilty Pleasures (Andrews McMeel, 2003) so this is our second joint appearance in print. Stick with me long enough and you'll be signing some kind of contract! Look for Are We Feeling Better Yet? in October 2008. Each contributor gets $75, which among writers counts as an economic stimulus package.

I like signing contracts -- frankly, I LOVE signing contracts or (for poetry) "consent forms" -- and hope to be signing one soon on the book of interviews. I read contracts down to the last jot and tittle, and my main thing is, I want to keep the electronic rights.