Sep 29 Written by  Catherine Rankovic

The Beginning

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gpgirls3The story of this picture: These are the Guilty Pleasures authors, the Doves, my writing group from 2000 to 2007. We got a book accepted in 2002 and published in spring 2003. In August of 2002 we had a group author photo taken. We fooled around with all sorts of different "guilty pleasures" props (tiaras, etc.) and were inexperienced enough to choose as our jacket photo a more serious one than this, but this remains my favorite. The original is indeed in black and white -- remember, I think all book-jacket photos should be black and white! Left to right: Patti Smith Jackson, Jane Holwerda, me, Cathy Luh, Holly Silva, Karen Hammer, Sue Caba and Laurie Vincent.


Thank you for having read this blog over the past three and a half years. This is the final post. Every visit you made, every comment, has been an honor for me. These days there's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, e-Books, multiple jobs (no one has only one job anymore) and so much more to fragment our time and attention. I'm freeing up more writing and publishing time for you and for me. Remember, be confident, and take care of yourself, because....

. . .you are fate's finest instrument.