Sep 10 Written by  Catherine Rankovic

What's Best For Young Writers

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In high school I submitted to my English teacher three poems for a regional contest. She sat down with me to discuss revisions. She said a certain stanza "cheapened" one of the poems. Would I agree to take it out? What did I think about that?

I had no sense of separation from my work and did not know enough to judge it, so I didn't have thoughts; I had feelings. Swamped in a wave of embarrassment and horror at having cheapened a poem without knowing it -- it was my first "workshop" experience -- I listened to the teacher and "agreed" to remove that stanza, and also to jettison one of the poems entirely. I remember being relieved that this latter was done without detailed discussion of what was wrong with it.

I won first place and $10. This set me on the path I walk to this day.

Except it taught me one thing: When working with youthful writers, be really really generous with praise and support. Criticize very little. Young writers need support. They have no idea what they're up against. Encourage them.

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