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Reasons Why I Am Buying / Not Buying Your Book

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book blue 300I’m buying your book because:

  • You are my close friend.
  • You are my former student or client.
  • The subject interests me.
  • I’ve read the first page and want to read more.
  • I’ve got the cash on me.
  • I want to encourage you to write more.
  • No one else is buying it and I’m embarrassed for you.
  • You’re selling it at a discount.
  • I was present at your reading and enjoyed the reading.
  • A pity purchase might put me in your good graces.

I’m not buying your book because:
  • I intend to prove to you that constant Facebook and "social media" toutings do not result in sales.
  • Nothing personal, but the subject or genre holds no interest for me. Try someone else.
  • Clearly the book was written to serve you and not a readership. (Examples: your family saga, an illness or fertility-treatment narrative, a veiled autobiography presented as a novel)
  • Thanks, but I own too many books already.
  • You're almost pleading.
  • You assume that I will find it interesting or to my taste just because you wrote it.
  • You’ve said how much your students or co-workers enjoyed reading it.
  • I’ve read the first page and don’t want to read more about Princess Xyktiopol of Ztirar, or the body found in a pool of blood, or your mother.
  • I have no time to read books (or watch TV either).
  • I haven’t got the cash or a check on me.
  • The price seems too high.
  • You seem to want first money and fame and readers only incidentally.
  • I’ve already bought and read the first edition, the one you published before you realized it could have used some editing.
  • You're asking buyers to please post a review or a rating.
  • I don’t want to encourage you.
  • It's not all that different from the first book I bought from you.
  • It’s an ebook. I have nothing against ebooks, but have never finished reading one, perhaps because I don’t own the optimal technology.
  • It has a cover I’d hate to be seen with.

I've been very honest here, perhaps too much so, but I think that the truth from this one particular reader might be helpful.

Catherine Rankovic

Writer, with 30+ years' writing and publishing experience, 20+ years' teaching experience. Last book read: Mrs. Lincoln by Catherine Clinton.