pen_bookeval_05When publishers or agents assess your manuscript, they want to see:

  • professional manuscript formatting and good punctuation and grammar, which reflect the writer's intelligence and care.
  • a really good first paragraph. It has to be THEIR idea of good.
  • a really good first 30 pages. Agents and publishers decide from these pages whether to continue reading the full manuscript.
  • sales potential.

Your evaluation will be a detailed, written assessment of the manuscript and its chances for publication.

Evaluation can be done at any stage: before you finalize the work; before you submit it to a publisher; or after a publisher has advised you to "have an editor look it over." At one time, publishers employed their own editors. But now "editor" means an independent professional.

Catherine sees your work with fresh eyes and can evaluate your book's structure and content and give very specific suggestions for improvement. She has taught and encouraged hundreds of creative writers. See a sample critique.

The fee for evaluation is .25 per word of the manuscript.