edit_BookEval_1An experienced book editor can tell you truthfully:

  • whether your manuscript is good
  • whether it needs more work, and what kind of work
  • if it's publishable, or how to make it so
  • its odds of attracting an agent
  • how to act as your own agent
  • what should be done before sending the manuscript to publishers
  • the possible reasons for receiving repeated rejections*
  • what to expect before and after publication
  • what your options are
  • about the money side
  • whether the deal offered to you is a fair one

Writing is an art; publishing is a business—a complicated business with a long, long learning curve. Professional assistance can save you years of time and effort.

"A book is judged by how well it is edited, and nothing else." -Will Bowen, author of A Complaint-Free World

*Although most publishers do not tell authors their reasons for rejections, at conferences and other gatherings they say their top four reasons are: 1) "The book isn't bad, it's just not very good"; 2) "We don't publish this kind of book"; 3) "There are already too many books resembling this one"; and 4) "There's little to no audience for this book."

BookEval.com can save you years of time and effort by reducing the chances that publishers will reject your book using their Secret Reasons 1, 2, or 4.

Contact Catherine at BookEval.com.

The fee is .25 per word of your manuscript.