Is your book not finished? Or does it "need a lot of work"?

Don't have time to write a book? Don't know how to start?

With your cooperation and approval BookEval can deliver a completed professional-quality manuscript you can be proud of. You own the rights and your name alone goes on the book.

You and BookEval will work out a contract and a deadline, and like a sculptor I will shape your book and like a painter make it lifelike and engaging.

I proudly rewrite and complete others' novels and nonfiction. Because ghostwriting is labor- and time-intensive I accept only projects with strongly motivated authors. Like having yourself painted or sculpted, having your book written for you is an elite service. But like your image in oils or bronze, your book is forever.

Please  contact Catherine if you want a manuscript ghostwritten, finished, or vitalized. The fee is $1.00 per word of the finished manuscript, partly paid up front.