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Maybe you already know:

  • the dozen reasons not to show your headshot on your homepage
  • that calling your website or email address "[MyName]Writes" brands you as an amateur—but there's an easy remedy
  • almost no one buys books from author or publisher webpages, and where buyers do buy
  • that your website or blog is unreadable if you've chosen white typeface
  • the most annoying website colors and graphics

Your website is really your online business card. Visitors use it to gauge your intelligence. Does your site, however humble, at least respect basic design rules? Is it inviting? What do its users experience? Could your content be better? Catherine's day job for 10 years was as a webmaster specializing in UX (user experience). Your detailed written homepage evaluation will be clear and constructive and you can make most of the improvements yourself. It's well worth the $99 fee.