idea_bookeval_02Your title determines about 70 percent of your book's success. Good titles attract readers. A bad or ill-fitting title is like a dunce-cap on your work. And the author's choice of title is not necessarily the best one.

F. Scott Fitzgerald wanted to call his novel Trimalchio at West Egg. His editor changed it to The Great Gatsby. Napoleon Hill called his "how-to" book Use Your Noodle to Win More Boodle. It became a bestseller under the title Think and Grow Rich.

You know who helped these authors to find winning titles? Their editors!

The right title attracts publishers and readers; the wrong one repels them. Your efforts to find the perfect title for a book will be repaid in sales and reader interest. BookEval will tell you whether your title seems viable and on request will suggest alternatives that will appeal to your target audiences.

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