Is your book not finished? Or does it "need a lot of work"?

With your cooperation and approval BookEval can deliver a completed professional-quality manuscript you can be proud of. You own the rights and your name alone goes on the book.

You and BookEval will work out a contract, a deadline and a fee, and like a sculptor I will shape your book and like a painter make it lifelike and engaging.

For a strongly motivated first-time author I rewrote 220 pages of her 250-page novel. We both liked the result. She emailed her first queries on Sunday night, and a "please send the manuscript" response came Wednesday from a New York publisher, Bellevue (she'd sent queries in alphabetical order). My rewrite had taken 52 hours over a period of three months, as we went back and forth and discussed the rewritten portions. But now her book has a chance with agents and publishers -- for a contract, an advance, movie rights, and so on. (I wrote the query letter too.)

I proudly rewrite and complete others' novels and nonfiction. Because ghostwriting is labor- and time-intensive I don't accept all projects, only those with strongly motivated authors and works I will enjoy crafting to perfection. Like having yourself painted or sculpted, this is an elite service. But like your image in oils or bronze, your book is forever.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want a manuscript ghostwritten, finished, or vitalized.