books_bookeval_01A freelance book editor since 2000, Catherine Rankovic established, LLC, as a full-time professional editing, writing and consulting service in 2010.


Catherine's fee for all editing and writing services is $75/hour. Rush or expedited work is $100/hour. This is in the mid-range of the fee schedule printed in the Writer's Market annual. Pay in advance for a certain number of hours (minimum 2 hours) and Catherine will report to you by e-mail when that time is up. Payment may be made

  • instantly and securely through PayPal, which also accepts credit cards OR
  • by checks made out to ", LLC," which must clear before work will start or continue

Time spent on emails, calls, and meetings is charged to you. You will receive a timesheet of the work done on your manuscript, and a formal invoice will be sent on request, either now or at year's end.

If you are in business as a writer or publisher, BookEval's services are tax-deductible.

Catherine will treat you as a professional writer, focusing on your work and what you have asked for. Her honest feedback anticipates what publishers and agents may tell you.

Ghostwriting is done for the normal hourly fee.

Same-Day Service and Website Evaluation have their own prices. Private workshops are also available; please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your needs.

"Ballpark" estimates

  • To read through a completed 300-page double-spaced manuscript without editing it, and then write a manuscript evaluation ("feedback"), or a synopsis (a professional-style two-page summary to be sent to a publisher), or a back-of-the-book blurb, takes approximately 6 hours, although it could be more or less.
  • To edit a 300-page double-spaced manuscript by an author whose first language is English takes approximately 14 hours, although it could be considerably more or less. If the author's first language is not English, the time required for editing can be estimated only after the editor sees a sample chapter.

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